Recesky DIY Twin Lens Reflex Camera

Recesky DIY Twin Lens Reflex Camera
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This is a DIY twin lens plastic camera, it is fun to build and yields great results. You'll have the fun of building your own Twin Lens reflex, and then the pleasure of creating beautiful images with your creation.

Shooting LOMO Style, hidden corners, sharp, fantastic visual impact!

Japan magazine "Adult Science" theme of the 25th is a double-lens reflex 35mm camera,

you are back in 70-80 years~

In fact, since the first Rollei in 1928 in Germany since the advent of dual-lens reflex camera 70 has been well received by senior photography enthusiast. The 50's were even around the country in the world of pet photography journalism, as the film area, and the machine is relatively light, functional and practical, yet sturdy and durable, widely used in fashion, advertising and portrait photography, landscape photography, has become very popular universal models. Older generation of photographers who were once owned, used, loved it, still fond of it.

As the world in recent decades, the productions of such models are rare.

Now "adult science" journal to recall these old memories, produced this double-lens reflex 35mm camera products, you can assemble your own step by step to complete own one pair of dream-lens reflex camera, how, enjoy it!

** Remarks: Instruction manual is only available in Chinese language.
** Buyers can refer here for product manual in English:

Size : 8 x 11.5 x 7 cm

Weight : 130 g

Film : 35mm

** Available in plain black colour only.

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